Motor feedback systems linear HIPERFACE®

Absolute, non-contact length measuring systems for linear direct drives

Linear motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® comprise a combination of incremental and absolute encoders, successfully uniting the advantages of both encoder types. Thanks to the use of highly linear sine and cosine signals, the high resolution required for speed regulation is reached based on interpolation in the drive controller. The sine and cosine signals are generated in a read head with integrated evaluation electronics which is guided along the measurement path without touching it.

The systems are used whenever measuring systems need to meet the requirements of high traverse speeds and simple mounting, e.g. on palletizers, paper machines or linear motors.

The HIPERFACE® interface has become established as the standard interface in the market as a result of features such as electronic type label, temperature measurement and many more. It is used by all leading drive manufacturers.

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Measurement of position and speed with maximum precision
  • Non-contact absolute position and speed recording
  • With HIPERFACE® or SSI interface
  • Measurement lengths of up to 4 m
  • For high traversing speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Reliable measurements, even in the event of contamination and condensation on the magnetic tape
  • Small, compact read head
  • Certified according to SIL2 and PL d (HIPERFACE® interface)
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Top-speed measurement for linear motors
  • Absolute, non-contact, wear-free length measurement system for linear motors
  • Measured lengths of up to 1 m
  • Suitable for high traverse speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Reliable location positioning even in the event of condensation and contamination of the magnetic tape
  • Electronic type label and programming of the position value
  • Absolute location positioning, no reference run
  • HIPERFACE® interface
  • Certified according to SIL2 and PL d
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Result 1 - 2 out of 2