Principles of leadership and cooperation

principles for leadership and teamwork
principles for leadership and teamwork

“Leadership” doesn't just refer to our technological and market position, but also to the development of our management culture. In terms of our mission statement, our management culture is based on delegating responsibilities and agreeing on targets and a general framework. The principles described here set global standards for leadership and cooperation within our company and therefore represent a uniform framework for all employees and management in the SICK Group.

Self-leadership: Respect is key

We set an example for each other.
We trust each other and are optimistic.
We embrace the SICK culture on an international level.

Leadership and cooperation: Competence is key

We recognize and acknowledge performance.
We promote individual development.
We offer guidance and encourage people to take responsibility for their actions.

Company leadership: Success is key

We agree on targets together.
We make clear, definitive decisions.
We ensure continuity and make the most of opportunities.