Mission statement

Independence Innovation Leadership
Independence Innovation Leadership

Sensor intelligence, independence, innovation, and leadership are the core elements of our identity. This identity is what provides the link between our past and our future. Similarly, with its strengths, wishes, demands, and visions, our mission statement has its place somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. It is founded on a tried and tested company culture and is a vision for the future that inspires and guides our work.


You can only act independently if you think independently, and this mantra is equally valid for individuals and companies alike. After all, only those with an independent mind have the freedom to do what they feel is right. That said, it is important to remember that freedom can also mean operating within certain limits with distinct rules and a clear objective in mind


Innovations can be defined as notable improvements that offer some kind of benefit. The term itself encompasses not only the invention and development of new products, production methods, and organizational structures, but also their implementation. Of course, innovations do have to be financed in some way, which is why the commercial success of new products is indispensable.


For people to demonstrate leadership, they have to set an example to those around them. This is relevant both to those in managerial positions who use their enthusiasm to motivate their teams, and also to companies that set standards on the world market.
For SICK, leadership refers not only to our technological and market position, but also to our management culture and the ability to control our methods and processes in the best possible way.