3D machine vision

Vision intelligence in all dimensions

SICK's 3D vision series offers a wide range of powerful and flexible products designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. They range from versatile high-speed cameras that deliver high quality 3D and contrast images to smart and configurable stand-alone sensors that facilitate rapid development and easy integration. Their scalability ensures a perfect fit with your 3D vision application.

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Product family Visionary-B
3D snapshot – two-eyes principle for effective use outdoors
  • Distance values: 250 × 496 pixels and 2D image: 544 × 828 pixels
  • High temperature range from −40 °C to +75 °C
  • Rugged housing: IP69K for the sensor head
  • 2-in-1 solution: eight 3D and eight 2D images per second
  • Intelligent image processing: classification and position determination of objects
  • Activity recording for the most recent hours possible
Product family PLR

Accurate part localization for reliable robot handling

  • Precise and rapid part localization
  • Combined 2D and 3D measurement
  • Robot gripper correction calculation
  • Web-server-based user interface
  • Tools for easy integration with the robot
  • Combination of multiple devices possible
Product family Ruler
Gigabit 3D vision for tough environments
  • Factory-calibrated 3D measurements in millimeters at full production speed
  • Highly accurate 3D measurements for widths from 100 mm up to 1.5 m
  • Capture 3D, grayscale, and scatter simultaneously
  • Easy to integrate without the need for external illumination
  • Rugged housing for harsh environments and temperatures as low as –30 °C
  • Remote operation over long cabling distances with Gigabit Ethernet
Product family Ranger
Fast 3D measurement and MultiScan for advanced industrial solutions
  • Fast 3D measurement at high speed and quality
  • MultiScan function for simultaneously measuring the 3D shape, contrast, color, and scatter
  • Sensor resolutions of up to 1,536 pixels in 3D and 3,072 pixels in grayscale and color
  • High levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance, and field of view
  • In-machine 3D calibration
  • Gigabit Ethernet and CameraLink interfaces
Product family TriSpectorP1000
Tailor-made 3D solutions for flexible automation
  • 3D, 2D, and profile inspection of moving parts
  • Imaging, lighting, and analysis in one housing
  • SICK AppSpace, programmable 3D camera
  • Full flexibility for tailored solutions
  • SICK Algorithm API and HALCON
  • Factory-calibrated 3D data
  • Web user interface
Product family 3D Belt Pick
Step up your belt picking applications
  • Provides 3D coordinates of products on belt
  • Intuitive web GUI
  • Easy integration with several robot brands
  • Simple hand-eye alignment
  • Customization on request, adding e.g. inspection or sorting
  • Running on TriSpectorP1000 stand-alone, IP67 rated, 3D camera
Product family Ranger3
Big 3D performance in a small package
  • CMOS sensor from SICK with ROCC technology for superior 3D performance
  • Processing of up to 15.4 gigapixels/s.
  • Full-format 3D profile at 7 kHz
  • Sensor resolution: Up to 2,560 x 832 px
  • GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
  • 3D, reflective, and scattered light measurement in one device
  • Industrial housing, optional IP65/67 enclosure rating
Product family Pinspector 3D
Reliable pin and press-fit inspection
  • Full-scale solution for the inspection of PCBs and pin connectors
  • Autonomous modular system
  • Rugged design suitable for industrial use
  • Ranger cameras from SICK for high-precision 3D imaging
  • Three versions – high value, fast inspection, and double-camera to prevent occlusion
Product family Visionary-T
3D snapshot – for versatile use indoors
  • Record up to 50 3D images per second
  • Distance values: 144 x 176 pixels per recording
  • Output of 3D data via a Gigabit Ethernet interface and simple digital outputs
  • Provision of application-specific data
  • Temperature range: 0 °C ... 50 °C or 0 °C ... 45 °C (depending on the housing), enclosure rating: IP67

Product family TriSpector1000
Intuitive 3D inspection
  • 3D inspection of moving parts
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Embedded image analysis
  • Easy replacement concept
  • High resolution 3D image with intensity overlay
  • Factory calibrated 3D data, true mm values in all dimensions
  • Rugged IP67 metal housing
Product family PLB
Flexible part localization for bin picking and depalletizing
  • All functions tailored to target applications
  • Several localization algorithms based on CAD and geometric part features
  • Selection of various pre-calibrated 3D cameras for immediate use
  • Thorough check for collision avoidance
  • Easy integration with any robot model
Product family ScanningRuler
Reliable and precise snapshot 3D for large field of view
  • 3D imaging of stationary objects
  • Large field of view for scanning U.S. and Euro pallets
  • Accurate and reliable acquisition of factory-calibrated 3D data in millimeters
  • High immunity to ambient light and contrast variation
  • Rugged housing with built-in laser light source
  • Point cloud 3D data with grayscale information
Product family Visionary-S

3D snapshot – colorful perspectives for precise factory automation

  • Up to 30 color depth images per second
  • Works in absolute darkness and in daylight of up to 40 klx
  • Resolution: 640 px x 512 px; depth resolution down to the sub-millimeter
  • Output of 3D color data via a Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Temperature range: 0 °C ... 50 °C (depending on the housing), enclosure rating: IP67
  • HDR mode
Product family Pallet Pocket Detection
3D snapshot - for the detection and position determination of pallet pockets
  • SensorApp for automated position determination of pallets
  • Processing of distance values with 144 x 176 pixels per recording
  • Working range: 1.5 m to 3 m
  • < 800 ms processing time for the detection of coordinates
Product family Dolly Positioning
3D snapshot - position determination for picking up dollies
  • Automated position determination of a wide range of dollies
  • Processing of distance values with 144 x 176 pixels per recording
  • Working range: 1 m to 1.5 m
  • < 800 ms processing time for the detection of coordinates
Product family IVC-3D
Advanced 3D image processing made easy
  • Easy 3D measurement – provides information about object height, shape and volume
  • Independent of object contrast and color
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface for fast application development
  • Simple connection of PLCs, robots, and other control systems, e.g., those using Ethernet/IP or OPC
  • Scans up to 5,000 profiles per second
  • Industrial, rugged metal housing
  • This product family will be phased out soon
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Result 1 - 16 out of 16