Length monitoring of deflectors with Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors generate and receive more than classical switching signals and measurands. Thanks to the A72 Smart Task, a Smart Sensor of the W4 product family delivers a length measurement result through internal offsetting of an encoder signal (e.g. DBS36) with its own detection signal. This allows for cost-effective and intelligent inspection of deflector flags for completeness and reference length.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Precise laser light spot, laser class 1
    • Teach-in pushbutton can be switched between detection of transparent and non-transparent objects
    • Sensing ranges between 25 mm and 60 m
    • Latest SICK proprietary ASIC and laser technologies with second emitter LED to provide outstanding background suppression and ambient light immunity
    • Choice of adjustment via teach-in button, potentiometer, cable, or IO-Link
    • Pulses per revolution: Up to 2,500
    • Housing diameter: 36 mm or 50 mm
    • Solid shaft and blind hollow shaft
    • Enclosure rating: IP65
    • Communication interfaces: TTL/RS-422, HTL/Push Pull, Open Collector
    • Connection type: Cable, cable with M12 or M23 male connector