Dynamic and flexible production

Batch size 1 – a mechanical engineering challenge

Low quantities and individualized mass products are the key ideas of Industry 4.0. To make this a reality, a machine or plant must be able to handle variable product infeeds and adapt to different formats. Only then can goods be produced individually to suit customer needs right down to batch size 1, or adapted to suit fluctuations in demand as flexibly and efficiently as possible. Intelligent sensor technology goes hand in hand with a new standard of quality in flexibility. This technology makes it possible to collect production data in real time. SICK sensors support and relieve data processing tasks by using intelligent functions to evaluate measurement data on site, and transfer the relevant user data in the form of prepared information.

Flexible production in the starting blocks

As the level of automation in a plant increases, the tasks of the individual components increase as well: Photoelectric sensors with flexible sensor settings and diagnostic functions, for example, are already used in applications across a range of industries. Inductive, IO-Link-enabled proximity sensors perform complex tasks directly in the sensor. Contrast sensors, level sensors, and electronic pressure switches communicate parameter settings via integrated IO-Link interfaces. Measuring automation light grids reduce the amount of cabling in production environments and enable access to diagnostic functions and format changes. Encoders with EtherNet/IP™ feature an active web server as well as function blocks for fieldbus integration. Compact 2D LiDAR sensors (also 2D laser scanners) provide reliable object detection in the field of surface monitoring.

Application specialists use this portfolio to develop tailored concepts for optimizing production processes with SICK AppSpace. SICK is furthering Industry 4.0 in every field.

SICK AppSpace – giving space to your ideas and solutions

By networking all participating devices and establishing a secure, decentralized data exchange, it is possible to implement a wide variety of applications. These can be provided either via the cloud, or via programmable logic controllers at the machine and system level. For this purpose, SICK has developed the SICK AppSpace eco-system: A platform on which developers can exchange information and create apps for SICK sensors.

Product selection

Engineering Tools
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Machine vision
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SICK AppSpace
Installation and management of SensorApps
SICK AppManager

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