Automation of quality assurance

Quality assurance is the prerequisite for sustainable business operations and stable profits. It encompasses both material management as well as operational checks and machine and production monitoring. This makes it possible to reduce stock levels and shorten throughput times. Sensor solutions for process monitoring and quality assurance provide added flexibility and autonomous adaptation in the case of changes to quality and products. As a result, they offer resource efficiency, a lower reject rate, and a high level of throughput.

More than just a vision

In industrial environments, capturing reality safely and reliably requires much more than just a single vision. That’s why SICK offers a broad spectrum of vision sensors, from compact devices that are easy to integrate, to configurable standalone solutions, right through to programmable high-speed cameras for the most demanding of requirements. Using both established SICK modules, and integration-ready functions from various image processing libraries, it is possible to create new solutions that are perfectly tailored to customers’ requirements and that are compatible with tasks in the context of Industry 4.0. Such tasks include quality control, track and trace, object data capture, and predictive maintenance, for example.

Product selection

Integration products
Flexible. Intelligent. Communicative.
Machine vision
Pin and press-fit inspection – verifying the presence and position of pins
Pinspector 3D
Configurable, intuitive, and reliable 3D inspection of moving parts
All-in-one vision sensor with flexible optics and rugged housing

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