Switching automation light grids

Switching light grids from SICK for a variety of applications

Switching light grids from SICK are equipped with various technologies and can be used in a variety of applications: the detection and counting of irregular objects, presence and protrusion monitoring, and all this in very different installation situations or environmental conditions. Whether the application requires small beam separations, high ambient light immunity, large ranges, varying monitoring heights or very thin housing dimensions, the switching light grids will meet your requirements.

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Product family HLG
High-resolution and high-speed detection of the smallest objects
  • 2 mm resolution
  • Response time 3 ms
  • Detection height 50 mm
  • Cable synchronization
  • PNP or NPN with Q or Qnot outputs (NO/NC)
  • 1 x test, 1 x teach-in input
  • M12 male connector, 8-pin
Product family WLG
Retro-reflective light grids for the detection of very fast and transparent objects
  • 0.6 ms response time
  • Eight visible transmitter LEDs
  • Up to eight PNP switching outputs and one alarm output
  • Sensitivity can be set via a potentiometer
  • Polarizing filter for reflective surfaces
Product family ELG
The sturdy light grid for many standard applications
  • Up to 128 beams
  • Different beam resolutions 10 mm, 30 mm and 60 mm
  • High operating reserve for scanning ranges up to 12 m
  • Potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment
  • Ambient light immunity up to 150,000 lux
  • Tough aluminum housing
  • PNP/NPN, relay output and a test input
  • Optical synchronization
Product family SLG
Reliable detection with extremely thin design
  • Variable monitoring lengths from 120 mm to 1,400 mm (in 160 mm increments)
  • Operating range 7 m
  • Response time 18 ms
  • Resolution 45 mm to 25 mm
  • Order-picking with bright job LEDS on the sender and receiver sides
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Ambient light immunity up to 150,000 lux
Product family FLG
Installation and commissioning that couldn't be easier with very high levels of performance
  • Dynamic or static operating mode, switchable
  • Forked- or frame-shaped housing, easy alignment
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Adjustable pushbutton lock
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Adjustable pulse lengthening
  • Can be switched between Q and Qnot outputs
  • Very fast response time
Product family FlexChain
The flexible and efficient detection system in one chain
  • Ultra-simple wiring for up to 60 sensors
  • Sequential cycling prevents mutual interference
  • Free arrangement of various sensor technologies
  • Sensors available in different lengths of cable
  • Sensor data evaluation in the system or direct transmission of raw data
  • Process stability thanks to diagnostic function
Product family VLC100
Only one device for a wide range of monitored areas
  • Sensing range up to 2.8 m
  • Resolution 6 mm up to 18 mm
  • One device only: integrated sender and receiver
  • Intuitive one-button operation
  • Automatic alignment
  • Synchronization of 2 systems
  • Easy teach-in function
Product family PLG
Simply clever order picking verification
  • 360° visible job LED
  • Scanning range up to 2 m
  • Flexible monitoring heights from 120 mm to 420 mm
  • Immune to reflected and ambient light
  • Switchable job LED: permanently lit or flashing
  • Optically confirms correct access

Result 1 - 8 out of 8