Localization systems
Tag-LOC System

Your Benefits

  • Shortened waiting times, reduced empty runs and optimized transport routes
  • Better process control due to high localization accuracy and indirect localization of small objects
  • Greater process transparency for audits, regulatory authorities and just-in-time production by visualizing asset position data and sensor data in real time
  • Automated triggering of user-defined notifications
  • No interference with other radio communication systems
  • Low energy


The Tag-LOC system is a localization system for industrial applications. It determines the exact location and storage sites of assets such as vehicles, workpieces, materials, etc. in real time. The position data can be used to track and trace the assets, enabling continuous monitoring of goods movements and material flow. In addition, the Asset Analytics software from SICK visualizes and evaluates the recorded data. Depending on the application requirements, the Tag-LOC system can be combined with identification technologies such as RFID and LiDAR. This makes it possible to extensively automate production and logistics processes.

At a glance
  • Scalable localization system for recording position and status data of assets
  • Tracking functionality
  • Indirect object localization via data fusion
  • Geo-fencing: Automated triggering of defined follow-up processes as soon as assets reach or leave certain geozones
  • Event management


Full transparency in material flow
SICK Full transparency in the material flow
Full transparency in material flow
SICK Full transparency in the material flow