Safe person recognition for automated tugger trains

Automated tugger trains supply goods to assembly processes in precise cycles, thus increasing productivity. At the same time, employees must be protected from the automated towing vehicles of the tugger trains. microScan3 safety laser scanners are therefore installed on the front of the towing vehicles on the right and left. With their 270° scanning angle, they scan the entire surroundings of a towing vehicle, ensuring reliable person recognition. As an alternative, a TiM-S 2D LiDAR sensor or a Visionary-T DT 3D snapshot camera with time-of-flight technology can be used for this application.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Wide detection range: 0.05 m up to maximum 25 m
    • Certified according to ISO 13849
    • Low power consumption (typically: 4 W, maximum: 16 W)
    • Immediate commissioning and configuration via USB interface
    • Communication interface which combines intelligent field evaluation and measurement data output

    • Innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology
    • High-precision measurement data via Ethernet interface
    • Protective field range: up to 9 m, scanning angle: 275°
    • Up to 128 freely configurable fields and up to 8 simultaneous protective fields
    • Standardized communication interfaces
    • System plug with configuration memory
    • Mixed-mode navigation provides both spatial contour data and reflector data
    • Long scanning range: up to 70 m on reflectors (up to 35 m on black targets)
    • High internal computing power and individual AGV configuration
    • Measurement, navigation, and determination of position with highest level of precision from three visible reflectors
    • Angular resolution of up to 0.1 degrees
    • Navigation, spatial and contour data, reflector marks, angular position and/or raw data collection