Drives and controls

Safely recording, monitoring, and controlling movements with intelligent sensors

Automation and drive technology providers are faced with a challenge: offering their customers electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic drive solutions that are both extremely precise and reliable, while also being durable and dynamic. They must be able to safely record, monitor, and control movements, and considerations such as ease of commissioning and predictive maintenance are just as important as the sensors’ monitoring of machine processes. Standardized communication interfaces as well as simple integration into the control environment and the cloud are additional requirements. SICK’s intelligent sensors can meet all of these demands.

Whether directly in the electric motor with its motor feedback system, in the machinery with its encoders, with its safety controller featuring safe movement monitoring, or with its magnetic cylinder sensors on the pneumatic cylinder, linear encoders in the hydraulic cylinder and proximity sensors, SICK’s incredibly wide product range is ready to take on the challenges presented by innovative drive solutions.

Drives and controls
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