Navigation in the warehouse with navigation scanners

The NAV3xx 2D LiDAR sensor (also known as a 2D laser scanner) is the first choice for precise and highly dynamic navigation in the warehouse (including in refrigerated areas). The sensor can detect natural and artificial (reflective tape) landmarks and use them to determine the absolute position of the AGV. The sensor works according to the time-of-flight measurement: just three reflectors are sufficient for determining position.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Integrated data evaluation for determining reflector positions
    • Large working range on reflector (30 m), 10% remission (18 m), spatial contours (50 m)
    • Large detection angle
    • High scanning frequency with low angular resolution on reflectors
    • High resistance to temperature thanks to integrated heating and IP 65 / IP 67
    • Mixed-mode navigation provides both spatial contour data and reflector data
    • Long scanning range: up to 70 m on reflectors (up to 35 m on black targets)
    • High internal computing power and individual AGV configuration
    • Measurement, navigation, and determination of position with highest level of precision from three visible reflectors
    • Angular resolution of up to 0.1 degrees
    • Navigation, spatial and contour data, reflector marks, angular position and/or raw data collection

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