Monitoring of the pneumatic pressure

The system pressure must be monitored to ensure smooth top loader operation. The PAC50 electronic pressure switch is particularly well suited to this application. Thanks to its three large function buttons and large display, it is easy to use. The color of the digits on the pressure switch display indicates whether the system pressure is within the target range. The optional IO-Link interface of the PAC50 reduces downtimes when changing formats and the sensor.

  • Following product families can be used
    Turns pressure into colors
    • Large display shows system pressure, output states, and switching points
    • Three large function keys, intuitive menu navigation
    • Measuring range for gauge pressure (vacuum and overpressure)
    • Two independently programmable switching outputs, optional analog output
    • Installation on mounting rail, wall or switch panel
    • Variant for leakage monitoring
    • IO-Link
Smart Fluid Power
Smart Fluid Power

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