Counting of products at the infeed

A typical packaging machine application is to monitor and control the flow of products by counting objects. The WLG16 photoelectric retro-reflective sensor detects transparent objects reliably and can be specifically adjusted to the application in question in just two steps using the BluePilot operating concept. Be it films, trays, glass bottles, plastic bottles, or tears in the film, the WLG16 reliably detects everything and maintains a good overview even when contamination is present, thanks to AutoAdapt technology.

  • Following product families can be used
    The highflier in object detection
    • Technologies: ClearSens, LineSpot, TwinEye, OptoFilter
    • BluePilot: Optical alignment aid, adjustment of the sensing range via Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range indicator or via IO-Link
    • PinPoint LED: Light-intensive red sender LED
    • Smart Sensor: Enhanced Sensing, IO-Link, Diagnostics, Smart Tasks
    • Vistal housing: High chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance