Safe series connection
Flexi Loop

Your Benefits

  • Reduce costs by reducing the number of inputs required on the safety controller and simplifying the wiring
  • Use Flexi Loop on modular machines and over long distances
  • Easily retrofit existing machinery
  • Quickly calculate the performance level
  • Configure the device nodes intuitively
  • Perform troubleshooting quickly thanks to detailed status information
  • Integrate Flexi Loop seamlessly into safety controllers from SICK


The Flexi Loop safe series connection allows you to connect up to 32 safety sensors up to PL e: With the Flexi Loop components, connecting safety locking devices, pushbuttons and lights to the safety controller is very simple. All sensors are directly supplied with voltage and connected via M12 standard cables. Sensors with OSSD outputs can be combined regardless of the manufacturer. The safety relays and Flexi Classic are either connected directly or via the master node. Easily configure Flexi Loop on a programmable safety controller using software. Flexi Loop offers consistent diagnostics both in the software and on the device itself.

At a glance
  • Safe series connection of up to 32 sensors regardless of the manufacturer
  • Up to 100 m in cable length between the sensors
  • IP65 and IP67 enclosure rating
  • Integration via M12 standard cable
  • Individual monitoring of the sensors up to PL e
  • Detailed diagnostic information
  • Direct voltage supply


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety levelPL e, SIL3, SILCL3
    Suitable for

    Flexi Classic

    Flexi Soft

    Safety device connection

    For safety sensor with dual-channel OSSD outputs

    For dual-channel equivalent electro-mechanical safety switch (EMSS)

    Structure of a Flexi Loop cascade


    1 ... 32 Flexi Loop nodes

    0 ... ∞ Flexi Loop accessory nodes

    1 Flexi Loop terminator

    Enclosure ratingIP65, IP67
    Ambient operating temperature–25 °C ... +55 °C
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product