Mobile identification of barcodes on tires

The barcode attached to a tire can be read with the rugged IDM16x handheld scanner. The data is wirelessly transferred to the base station. The operator can view all the information they need about the tire on the integrated display. This verifies that the correct type of tire has been vulcanized using the correct configuration. The production data is also available, ensuring complete traceability.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Identification of all popular 1D codes, with PDF version also stacked codes
    • Compact housing with up to IP 65 withstanding 50 drops from 2 m on concrete
    • Good read feedback via LED, beeper and vibrator
    • Supports all popular corded and cordless interfaces as well as industrial fieldbuses via SICK connectivity
    • Tool-free exchange of cable and battery
    • Corded and cordless versions available