Volume flow measurement

To determine mass emissions, flow in the duct after the SCR can be measured. The FLOWSIC100 H volume flow measuring device is suitable for measurements in large stacks as well as for applications with high dust content. Rugged titanium transducers are standard. For very hot gas temperatures from 260 °C to 450 °C, the measuring system operates with built-in cooling air to protect the ultrasonic sensor against high temperatures.

The MCU control unit is used to input and output signals, to calculate of volume flow with reference conditions (standardization), as well as to operate the user interface.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family FLOWSIC100
    Volume flow measuring devices for continuous emission monitoring
    • Rugged titanium converters for long service life
    • Corrosion-resistant material for use with aggressive gases (option)
    • Integrated measurement via duct diameter for types H, M, and S
    • Probe version PR for cost-saving, single-sided installation in duct
    • Automated operational check with zero and reference point test