Overfill protection for coal bunkers/silos

Coal is typically stored in silos after it has been pulverized. In order to prevent overfilling of the silo, a point measurement of the level is necessary. The LBV300 vibrating level switch is the ideal choice for monitoring coal levels due to its rugged construction. The LBV300 operates with no mechanical moving parts and is also immune to deposit formation.

  • Following product families can be used

    Tuning forks – tough and flexible in bulk


    • Tough device design
    • Several housing materials and electrical outputs available
    • Immune to deposit formation
    • Commissioning without filling
    • Process temperature up to 250 °C
    • Very high repeatability
    • ATEX versions (1D/2D/1G/2G) available
    • Tube-extended version (LBV330) up to 6 m and rope extensions version (LBV320) up to 80 m available for vertical mounting