Position calculation for vehicle location based on natural contours

In contour navigation, a LiDAR sensor scans existing contours in the environment and creates a reference map from the acquired measurement data. On subsequent trips, the vehicle locates its position by comparing the current measurement data with that of the reference map. Contour navigation requires the installation of no artificial landmarks (such as reflectors), enabling very flexible route creation. The NAV-LOC delivers absolute data on vehicle position and its orientation in an operation site. The LiDAR LOC extends the portfolio of compatible SICK laser scanners and also enables simultaneous use of several scanners near the ground.

  • Following product families can be used
    Precise localization on the basis of natural landmarks
    • Contour detection with a scanning angle of up to 360°
    • Integrated evaluation of contour data
    • Precise position determination
    • High repeatability of position
    • Accurate distance resolution with a high angular resolution
    • Refresh rate of 8 Hz
    • Easy operation thanks to modern user interface (web browser)
    Modular LIDAR localization based on natural contours
    • High repeatability: < 10 mm
    • Driving speed up to 3 m/s
    • Rot. rate max. 45°/ s
    • Position output with up to 33 Hz
    • Easy-to-operate user interface (web browser) and ROS integration
    • Integration options for vehicle odometry and reflector detection

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