Position determination of high speed gates

A DBS36 incremental encoder precisely monitors the upper and lower end position as well as the speed of the high speed gate. The encoder can be assembled easily using face mount flanges or hollow shafts and saves on installation space due to its compact size.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family AFS/AFM60 SSI
    Precise, flexible, versatile
    • High-resolution absolute encoder with up to 30 bits (AFM60) or 18 bits (AFS60)
    • Face mount flange, servo flange, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
    • SSI, SSI + incremental or SSI + sin/cos interface
    • Resolution, offset, etc. can be programmed (depending on the type)
    • Connectivity: M12 or M23 male connector or cable outlet
    • Enclosure rating: IP67 (housing), IP65 (shaft)
    • Operating temperature: –40 °C ... +100 °C (depending on the type)
    Product family AHS/AHM36
    Flexible, smart, compact: Encoders for countless fields of application
    • 36 mm absolute encoder with maximum 26 bits (singleturn: 14 bits multiturn: 12 bits)
    • Face mount flange, servo flange, blind hollow shaft
    • Rotatable male connector or cable connection
    • IO-Link, CANopen, SSI interface with programmable parameterization
    • Diagnostic functions
    • Stainless steel (Inox versions)
    • IP67 to IP69K protection class
    Product family DBS36 Core
    The MultiFit Incremental Encoder
    • Connection with universal cable outlet
    • Designs with blind hollow shaft or face mount flange with solid shaft
    • Face mount flange with 6 mounting hole patterns and servo groove
    • Hollow shaft with universal stator coupling
    • Compact housing diameter of 37 mm with compact construction depth,
    • Electrical interfaces: TTL/RS-422, HTL/push pull and Open Collector NPN
    • Number of lines: 10 to 2,500
    • Temperature range: –20 °C ... +85 °C
    • Enclosure rating: IP 65