Edge guiding at the winding unit

To ensure the highest level of quality when winding battery cells, the electrode and separator foils must be positioned accurately. The OL1 optical micrometer, together with the AOD1 evaluation unit, measures the edge position down to a few micrometers and fits directly in front of the winding unit thanks to its small construction.

  • Following product families can be used
    Exact line guidance throughout the whole spectrum
    • Miniature metal housing
    • Integrated LED alignment aid
    • High-resolution CMOS receiver with high repeatability
    • Various interfaces available via AOD1 evaluation unit
    • Measurement of edge position or diameter
    • Individualized configuration settings and calculation functions via AOD1 evaluation unit

  • Following products can be used
    • Accessory family: Evaluation units
    • Description: OD Mini evaluation unit, OD5000 and OL1, master, 3 x Q, 1 x analog, open end cable, 2 m
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