Measuring automation light grids
MLG-2 WebChecker

Highest precision for web width measurement

Your Benefits

  • Edge position detection for webs of 145 mm to 3,200 mm with a measurement accuracy of ± 0.3 mm – for machines with maximum performance
  • Easy format change with flexible web width measurement increases customer satisfaction
  • The MLG-2 WebChecker measures 5 webs at a time, therefore reducing the number of sensors in the application
  • Modern Ethernet interfaces for quick, reliable data transmission increases system availability
  • Prevention of errors and reduced downtime during format change


Highest precision for web width measurement

The MLG-2 WebChecker measuring automation light grid is based on established technology combined with the most advanced software and is used for high-precision web width measurement. The light grid also measures large web widths with revolutionary accuracy. The MLG-2 WebChecker can find up to 10 edges or 5 webs and measure them continuously. With semi-transparent objects, the light grid measures up to 10 edges defined by the customer.

At a glance
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 mm
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Measuring field: 3,150 mm (in 150 mm steps)
  • Response time: 32 μs
  • Interfaces: 3 x Q, IO-Link, RS-485
  • Operating range 2,500 mm
  • Interface output: 10 edges with 5 edges and 5 center positions



Format change made easy

The MLG-2 WebChecker automation light grid automatically finds up to 10 edges and measures these in relation to a reference edge. Up to 5 different web widths can be measured at the same time. With semi-transparent materials, defined inner edges can also be detected and measured. Thanks to its modular design, the MLG-2 WebChecker is well-suited for various monitored areas, interfaces and sensing ranges. Measuring fields of a minimum of 150 mm x 200 mm up to maximum of 2,500 mm x 3,150 mm can be implemented. This makes it easy for end customers to change the format.
Maximum web width measurement of up to 5 m with MLG-2 WebChecker automation light grids
Measurements not dependent on color, shape or surface

The MLG-2 WebChecker automation light grid enables high-precision, space-saving web width measurement, even in very wide plastic, textile, rubber or steel webs. The MLG-2 WebChecker measures continuously throughout the entire web so the format can be changed without readjustment.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Communication interface

    IO-Link (COM3 (230,4 kBaud))

    Analog (Current)



    Serial (RS-485)

    Beam separation5 mm
    Operating range2.5 m
    Response time4.3 ms ... 37.7 ms
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