Verification and Optimization
Factory Acceptance Test

Your Benefits

  • Examination of the ordered products and their delivery
  • Protection of the quality and functionality of the products
  • For system integrators: Protection of your own customers
  • Confirmation of functionality with an approval and test protocol
  • Insight into the SICK operating principle and production process


SICK offers a factory acceptance test to ensure that products work like the customer ordered them. That means, before sending out the goods, a SICK team of experts tests the products in the presence of the customer using a device-specific protocol. The test is done at SICK. The extent of the thorough check depends on the type of order and any customer-specific requirements. The test serves as verification that the products fulfill the functional requirements of the customer. The customer receives an approval and test protocol which confirms the functionality of the products. The factory acceptance test offers the customer the chance to get to know the SICK operating principle directly on-site. The customer also gets insight into the SICK production process.

At a glance
  • Inspection of the ordered products for completeness, quality and function
  • Execution of tests at the respective SICK production site
  • Insight into the production of comparable products
  • Acceptance and test report


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