Consulting and design
Safety hardware design

Your Benefits

  • The safety hardware design from SICK provides you with detailed specifications for the efficient design of safety solutions
  • You receive technical documentation, thus fulfilling the normative requirements
  • Benefit from standardized procedures that ensure efficient hardware designs of the same quality worldwide
  • You receive a safety solution individually tailored to your work processes, with the aim of increasing the productivity of your machine
  • Rely on the many years of expertise of our safety experts and save valuable time so you can focus on your core business


Based on a safety concept, safety experts from SICK create detailed specifications of the safety-related parts of controllers. The specifications form the basis for implementation of the planned safety solution and contain both the selection and connection of suitable safety components as well as the definition of required diagnostic measures. The quantitative calculation of the achieved performance level (PL) provides proof of the fulfilled normative requirements. Other required aspects such as the calculation of safety distances and stopping times as well as the detailed dimensioning of physical guards round out the specifications of the hardware design.

At a glance
  • Efficient safety hardware design including selection and connection of suitable safety-related controller parts
  • Identification of the achieved performance level (PL)
  • Dimensioning of physical guards
  • Calculation of stopping times and the required safety distances


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