Consulting and design
Safety concept

Functional safety that takes standards and directives into account

Your Benefits

  • Saves time and resources thanks to involvement of experienced SICK experts
  • Increases machine safety as a result of compliance with essential safety and health requirements and standards
  • Choose from any safeguarding component available on the market
  • Ensures effectiveness and competitiveness by preventing unnecessary measures
  • High level of quality thanks to standardized processes and sustainable competency management


Functional safety that takes standards and directives into account

Once risks have been identified and the design-related risk reduction measures are defined, the technical protection measures must be implemented. These measures depend on the proper performance of the control system. Experts from SICK identify and specify the necessary safety functions. Drawing from many years of experience, these experts create a flexible and product-neutral safety concept. The definition of selection parameters by SICK saves time and resources and also prevents any unnecessary measures.

At a glance
  • Specification of safety functions and required safety level (PLr or SILr)
  • Recommendation for technical implementation of safety functions in the form of a block diagram
  • Definition of parameters for the selection of protective devices
  • Safety concept specification


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