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Force and Pressure measurement

Your Benefits

  • Force and pressure measurement by SICK provides valuable data to reduce the risk of your robot application
  • Defined processes and a structured process for quick and reliable measurement give you more time to concentrate on your core business
  • You get a complete and easily understandable measurement report for your technical machine documentation
  • Profit from the decades of experience of SICK in machine safety and get a protection solution which ensures high productivity


In human-robot interactions with collaborative robots (cobots), the force, speed, pressure and motion path of the robot must be limited to reduce the risk of robot applications.

Integrators of cobots must comply with the limit values for force and pressure in accordance with ISO/TS 15066 or RIA TR R15.606. During machine design, it is therefore necessary to validate and document that the force and pressure of a possible collision of a robot with a person would not exceeded the recommended limit values.

SICK offers a service for measuring the force and pressure at the hazardous point defined in the risk assessment. In doing so, compliance with the safety parameters for force and pressure set in the robot control is examined and verified.

At a glance
  • Efficient measurement of force and pressure by certified safety specialists from SICK
  • Documentation in compliance with ISO/TS 15066 including an overview of upheld and exceeded limit values
  • Expert knowledge in Safe Robotics: SICK provides support in interpreting measurement results


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