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Safety systems
Safe AGV Forklift

Protecting automated guided forklift vehicles - efficient and future-proof

Your Benefits

  • Increased productivity by driving at a safe speed with the lifting fork lowered
  • Fully-automated yet completely safe operation of AGVs with lifting forks
  • Tested SICK solution consisting of hardware, software and integration aids for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Reliable safety in line with current and future standards
  • Protective field switching regardless of speed prevents stops and protects wear and tear parts
  • Proven SICK safety technology for maximum reliability and availability – even under difficult conditions


Protecting automated guided forklift vehicles - efficient and future-proof

Safe AGV Forklift is the efficient safety solution for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with lifting forks. Installation on automated lifting fork vehicles with a drive wheel is easy. The speed and direction-independent protective field switching of the safety laser scanner prevents stops and is gentle on wear and tear parts. Previous solutions prevent automated loading and unloading compliant with standards because the protective field of the laser scanner was violated by the lifting fork. Thanks to the use of the safety encoders, the vehicle can continue to move with the lifting fork lowered at a safely reduced speed. This increases productivity and enables fully-automated and safe operation of AGVs with lifting forks.

At a glance
  • Proven combination of reliable SICK safety components
  • Easy configuration with function blocks
  • Reliable evaluation of the current vehicle speed
  • Integration into all common fieldbuses (optional)
  • Reliable field switching during cornering


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety taskSafe Motion Control
    ApplicationMobile hazardous area protection on automated guided vehicles
    Safety levelPL d
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