Photoelectric sensors

Your Benefits

  • The ultra-thin G2 Flat sensors can be integrated into miniature plants and very tight installation spaces
  • Reliable detection: Detect objects with excellent and high-performance background suppression starting from just 8 mm
  • Even the smallest of objects can be detected without problems
  • Versatility of use: The G2 Flat can be relied upon to detect jet-black, specular, transparent, and shiny objects
  • Easy installation and maintenance – not least thanks to easy differentiation between sender and receiver
  • Ultra-reliable sensor design with VISTAL® housing and steel mounting plates


The G2 Flat is a miniature photoelectric sensor for use in particularly compact plants and robotics systems. With powerful background suppression (BGS), the sensor can be relied upon to detect objects at distances starting from just 8 mm – virtually regardless of object size and surface. This makes it an excellent solution for all kinds of tasks wherever space is at a premium and opens up entirely new possibilities for miniaturization in industrial environments. Sensor integration and handling could not be easier. As one of the smallest photoelectric sensor product families from SICK, the G2 Flat is the smart application solution in a miniature format for industrial automation.

At a glance
  • Ultra-thin housing for the tightest of installation spaces
  • BGS: Object detection starting from just 8 mm
  • Detection of objects from 0.1 mm in size
  • Reliable detection of jet-black, specular, transparent, and shiny objects
  • PinPoint LED
  • VISTAL® housing, steel mounting plates
  • Can be adjusted individually to OEM requirements


Very high performance for miniature plants

The miniature housing of the G2 Flat is enabling new and even more compact designs to be developed without compromising on high-performance detection. The sensor can be integrated into very narrow gaps and tight installation spaces without problems. As such, it is opening up virtually endless possibilities for reliable object detection in applications involving the conveying of small parts in logistics.
With reliable background suppression, the G2 Flat detects object starting from just 8 mm
Very high detection accuracy for jet-black, specular, transparent, and shiny object surfaces
It also easily detects very small objects of down to 0.1 mm (with BGS) or 0.2 mm (with the through-beam photoelectric sensor) in size

Nearly limitless machine design: The G2 Flat is opening up entirely new possibilities for the design of miniature plants and robotics systems. The sensor is flexible and can be adapted to meet individual OEM requirements.

Sophistication through simplicity

SICK developed the G2 Flat to make it easy and straightforward to use miniature sensors in compact machine and plant configurations. The sensors are flexible to mount and easy to install as through-beam photoelectric sensors in close proximity to one other. Thanks to type-dependent sensing ranges, they are also highly versatile in application. Thanks to their rugged design, the sensors require little maintenance, enjoy a long service life, and will deliver reliable detection results in long-term operation.

Tough yet easy to handle

Space-saving design for very easy installation into very small installation spaces
Easy differentiation of sender and receiver through different color cables and laser markings
Very rugged thanks to tough VISTAL® housing. Quick and easy mounting with M2 mounting plates made of steel with spacer for rear-side mounting. Fixing screw flush with the sensor.

Flexible in application: Thanks to its rugged design and countless application possibilities, the G2 Flat is suitable for all kinds of application environments


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    14 mm x 24 mm x 3.5 mm

    10 mm x 27 mm x 3.5 mm

    4.5 mm x 21 mm x 11 mm

    Sensing range max.0 mm ... 1,300 mm
    Light sourcePinPoint LED
    Type of lightVisible red light / visible blue light
    Enclosure ratingIP67
    Housing materialPlastic VISTAL®
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product