Quickly and precisely leveling the fork horizontally – for increased safety and productivity

Regardless of the position of a manned forklift truck, inclination sensors can precisely detect the tilt angle of a lifting fork. The acceleration-compensated TMS88 Dynamic inclination sensor supports the driver in quickly aligning the fork. The sensor measures the tilt of the fork during the loading and unloading process and during driving, therefore ensuring increased stability of the vehicle at all times.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Compact inclination sensor with measuring range of 360° (single-axis) or ±90° (dual-axis)
    • Compensated cross sensitivity and configurable vibration suppression
    • Convenient CANopen interface
    • UV-resistant, impact-proof plastic housing
    • High resolution (0.01°) and accuracy (±0.1° typ.)
    • Programmable with the PGT-12-Pro
    • Single-axis (360°) and two-axis (+/-90°) inclination sensors based on a six-axis IMU
    • Intelligent sensor fusion filter
    • Highly accurate even with dynamic movements
    • Interfaces: CANopen, SAE J1939
    • Programmable with the PGT-12-Pro
    • Temperature range: −40 °C to +80 °C
    • Shock resistance: 100 g
    • Enclosure rating: IP67/69

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