Fill level management for terminal vehicles

The LFP Cubic and TDC-E can be used to monitor the fuel tank fill levels of the entire vehicle fleet in a portterminal. The sensors report the respective fill levels to the central data management system of the port terminal, e.g., ECS (Equipment Control System), via the TDC-E mobile gateway. There the fill levels are evaluated by an intelligent software and optionally visualized. Besides the fill level, the GSM/GPS integrated into the TDC-E transmits localization data as well as other sensor signals in real time.

  • Following product families can be used
    Flexible up to the probe tip
    • Level sensor for liquids
    • No mechanical moving parts
    • Interchangeable rod probe which can be cut to lengths between 200 mm and 2,000 mm (cable probe up to 4,000 mm)
    • Resistant to deposit formation
    • Process temperature up to 100 °C,process pressure up to 10 bar
    • 3 in 1: combines display, analog output (according to NAMUR NE 43), and binary output
    • High enclosure rating of IP 67, rotatable housing and remote amplifier
    • IO-Link 1.1
    Intelligent networking – harness your data and be proactive
    • Support for standardized interfaces and protocols for data communication
    • Tailored configuration via a web-based user interface
    • Integrated wireless technology and GPS module for precise position determination
    • Open end-to-end IIoT architecture