Level monitoring via two switching points

The PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor detects different levels in the vibratory bowl feeder using two switching points. This means that the PowerProx first issues a warning message when the measured value drops below a limit value and then outputs an error message to the machine controller when the vibratory bowl feeder is empty. This error message causes the machine to stop. As an alternative option, this monitoring task can also be handled by the UM30 ultrasonic sensor.

  • Following product families can be used
    The universal application solver
    • Reliable measurement, regardless of material color, transparency, gloss, or ambient light
    • Sensing range up to 8,000 mm
    • Display enables fast and flexible sensor adjustment
    • Immune to dirt, dust, humidity, and fog
    • Versatile interfaces including IO-Link available
    • Adjustable sensitivity
    The new home of sensing range
    • Time-of-flight technology
    • Laser class 1, red and infrared light
    • Sensing range: 5 cm to 4 m
    • Very small background range: 6 mm
    • Switching frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz
    • The option of up to three adjustable digital outputs or one IO-Link analog output: for up to eight switching points, distance value and smart sensor functionality

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