Automated discharge of defective parts from the singulation conveyor

A bowl feeder singulates small parts and transfers them to a vision system so that their position can be checked. The Inspector I40 2D vision sensor provides a quick, accurate and fully automated way to check the shape and control the quality of the small parts. After evaluating the gathered images, the evaluation unit makes an inspection decision. Parts found to be defective are separated out (discharged) by pneumatic pressure mechanisms, which blow these parts, or any parts aligned incorrectly, off the singulation system. The parts then fall down a slide into a funnel and back into the bowl feeder. LL3-TS40 fibers are ideal for detecting the defective parts that fall out of the funnel and for measuring their quantity. Alternatively, the FLG automation light grid is the perfect choice for area detection.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Very large selection of plastic and glass fiber-optic cables.
    • Fiber-optic cables resistant to chemicals and high temperature
    • Threaded and smooth sleeves, bands of light (array), 90° reflection versions available
    • Focused optics
    • Proximity and through-beam versions available
    • Plastic , protective metal or Teflon sheathing available
    • Dynamic or static operating mode, switchable
    • Forked- or frame-shaped housing, easy alignment
    • Adjustable sensitivity
    • Adjustable pushbutton lock
    • Rugged metal housing
    • Adjustable pulse lengthening
    • Can be switched between Q and Qnot outputs
    • Very fast response time
    An intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package
    • High-speed positioning, inspection and measuring
    • Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale
    • Unique, interchangeable housing design supporting dome and various optical accessories
    • Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
    • Easy-to-use operator interfaces
    • Flexible machine and HMI design interfaces