Level monitoring for the step conveyor

Step conveyors are used for the singulated, position-based loading of irregularly shaped small parts into downstream machines. The level of small parts in the upstream bunker magazine must be monitored to ensure the fully automated clocking of the machine. The WFM fork sensor monitors the level in the step conveyor's feeder hopper and can then control the supply of small parts. The highly visible receive indicator on the WFM enables constant process control.

  • Following product families can be used
    Plug-and-play fork sensors – connect and get started.
    • Clearly visible red emitted light
    • No setup required: The sensor is ready for operation immediately
    • Receive indicator, visible all-round
    • 5 fork sizes with a maximum depth of 120 mm and a maximum width of 180 mm
    • Stable aluminum housing with IP 67 enclosure rating