Stationary monitoring of adhesive beads

Once the joining process is complete, it is no longer possible to assess the quality of an object without damaging it. Using a pattern, optical monitoring systems compare the position, gaps in, and quality of the adhesive used in the joining process and document any errors. The Inspector PIM60 Bead 2D vision sensor allows complete contour inspection of the adhesive bead and workpiece quality control immediately after the adhesive is applied.

  • Following products can be used
    2D machine vision
    • Product name: Inspector PIM60 Bead
    • Products by tasks: Presence inspection, quality inspection, measuring, 2D, positioning, robot guidance
    • Internal lighting: White
    • Lens: 10 mm, S-mount
    • Working distance: ≥ 50 mm
    • Sensor resolution: 640 px x 480 px
    • Sensor: CMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values
    • Optical focus: Adjustable focus (manually)
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