Checking presence in the robot gripper

The robot gripper grabs finished cast parts at the sprue and removes them from the die cast. The W2S-2 miniature photoelectric sensor monitors the presence of gripped cast parts and sends a start signal to the robot control so that the robot can remove the die cast part. With its PinPoint LED, the photoelectric sensor provides a highly visible light spot, which makes it easier to align the sensor on the gripper and also enables the precise detection of the cast parts.

  • Following product families can be used
    Incredibly small, yet powerful
    • Sensor with background suppression and without any significant black/white shift
    • PinPoint 2.0 LED with extended sensing distances and high operating reserves
    • A variety of application possibilities thanks to clearly-defined laser-like or line-shaped light spots
    • Detection of highly-transparent and reflective objects using sensors with V-optics
    • Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor with autocollimation and a clearly visible light spot