Identifying workpieces

The Lector62x image-based code reader reliably identifies the sensor type using 2D codes located on the sensor housing. The scanned information is transmitted to the control system so that the right program can be selected for performing the leak test on the sensor. The WTB4-3 photoelectric proximity sensor with background suppression reliably detects the sensor once the worker has placed it in the testing apparatus, and it then sends a digital trigger signal to the code reader.

  • Following product families can be used
    Perfect sight - in any light
    • High performance DPM decoder
    • Immune to ambient light
    • Powerful LEDs in red, blue, infrared
    • Extensive optical accessories such as polarizing filter or dome attachment
    • Setup wizard with auto focus, aiming laser, green feedback LED
    • Innovative data handling with sorting, filtering, and output formatting functions