Measuring the conveying speed on a rotary indexing table

To ensure the precise control of the individual rotary machine processes, the speed of the rotary indexing table must be continuously monitored. For this purpose, an SEK160 motor feedback system is mounted directly on the drive shaft of the table's torque motor, which eliminates the need for transmission elements such as toothed belts or couplings. The SEK160 is equipped with the HIPERFACE® industrial interface and thus compatible with all common drive systems.

  • Following product families can be used
    The robust turn & play solution for direct drives with HIPERFACE® interface
    • HIPERFACE® motor feedback systems for large hollow shaft and torque motors
    • 128 sine/cosine periods per revolution
    • Absolute position with a resolution of 4,096 increments per revolution
    • Programming of the position value and electronic type label
    • HIPERFACE® interface
    • Turn & play – for simple assembly without tools
    • High resistance to shock and vibration due to holistic scanning
    • Bearingless motor feedback system