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Map creation

Generation of precise digital maps for AGVs

Your Benefits

  • Quick creation of a digital reference map
  • Localization of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) without reflector marks
  • Easy commissioning through offline thorough check of the reference map after generation
  • Cost savings thanks to simpler installation in the event that the reference map is updated due to modifications or extensions of the route of the AGV


Generation of precise digital maps for AGVs

A precise reference map is the foundation for high availability of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in environments in which localization must be done without additional reflector marks. The position of the AGV is determined by comparing the scan data of a SICK 2D LiDAR sensor recorded at the current position with the data of a reference map.

The reference map is generated based on the system scan data provided by the customer or recorded by SICK. Using the scan data, the precise space contours of the environment along the route are defined and a detailed reference map is created.

Services cover offline thorough check and provision and archiving of the reference map.

At a glance
  • Check of the scan data provided for map generation
  • Processing of data sets for optimal reference map generation
  • Offline thorough check of reference map
  • Provision and archiving of reference map


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Specifications sheetMap creation

    Complete and correct data recording for the purpose of producing the reference map

    Recording of data along the defined AGV routes while taking account of the ambient conditions

    A scan plane on the AGV that can be used for the plant

    SICK product and programming interface are easily accessible without tools

    No changes to route and AGV compared to data recording

    Repair, maintenance

    Visual inspection of the scan data provided for map calculation

    Import of scan data

    Optimization and monitoring of data

    Preprocessing and initial checking of mapping charts

    Addition and generation of corrections (loop closures)

    Initial visual inspection of mapping charts

    Alignment of coordinate system

    Production of final reference map (ZIP file)

    Visual inspection of reference map

    Production of initialization map with raster for documentation

    Testing of reference map produced

    Production of reference map documentation

    Provision of reference map and documentation


    Documentation of reference map

    Test report as proof of acceptance

    Archiving of reference map in a SICK database


    The estimated labor time is calculated according to the amount of effort required

    The amount of effort needed to produce the digital reference map depends on the customer application, the quality of the recorded data, the size of the plant, the length of the routes, and the number of AGVs

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product