safeHDDM™: Providing a new platform for safety

safeHDDM™ is based on SICK's proven HDDM™ process (HDDM = high definition distance measurement). The scan technology safeHDDM™ sets a new benchmark in the analysis of time-of-flight measurement. 

And that's not all: The microScan3 safety laser scanner emits up to 80,000 individual pulses per scan – compared with conventional measuring processes, this ensures that much more data is available for evaluation. The microScan uses this multitude of individual pulses to calculate 700 safe measured values. New filters and intelligent algorithms ensure that safeHDDM™ is safe and that the microScan3 is able to detect even those objects that have just 1.8% remission, such as black clothing. At the same time, the new technology creates improved reliability when dust and ambient light is present in the environment.

Exceptionally reliable

Thanks to safeHDDM, the microScan3 safety laser scanner:

  • Has low sensitivity to ambient light
  • Is not affected by additional laser scanners or other infrared sources
  • Is resistant to dirt and dust