Safety systems
Safe Entry Exit

New way of muting

Your Benefits

  • System plug with operational function block: Easy handling and low integration effort
  • Flexible reaction to protection requirements and minimum distances: Every Type 4 ESPE from SICK can be combined with the Flexi Soft safety controller
  • Detailed diagnostic and visualization options via Flexi Soft safety controller, even to the higher-level control
  • Fewer sources of error as no additional muting sensors are required
  • The TÜV-certified safety function saves time and money on documentation and validation


New way of muting

The Safe Entry Exit safety system from SICK is the TÜV-certified alternative to the classic muting solution: Safe human-material differentiation which works without additional signal sensor technology and only needs one signal from the process control. As soon as the transport goods have passed the protective device, it is immediately ready again to protect humans from hazards.

Safe Entry Exit is based on the proven Flexi Soft safety controller combined with every type 4 electro-sensitive protective device (ESPE) from SICK and is therefore very flexible and easy to adapt. A Flexi Soft safety controller assesses up to three material gates protected with Safe Entry Exit.

At a glance
  • Proven combination of reliable safety components
  • Integration into all common fieldbus systems
  • Easy integration due to supplied function block
  • Active synchronizing beam unnecessary: Safety function even if protective field heights are low
  • TÜV-certified up to SILCL3 (EN 62061), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
  • Up to three material gates can be evaluated with one Flexi Soft safety controller