Component detection in the robot gripper

Inductive sensors, photoelectric proximity sensors and magnetic cylinder sensors monitor pickup of the metal parts by the gripper. Flat inductive proximity sensors such as the IQM or photoelectric proximity sensors in miniature or small design have optimal properties for part detection and take up little space in the gripper. The MZ2Q-C magnetic cylinder sensors monitor two switching points. In this way, with the opening and closing of the gripper cylinder can be monitored using only one sensor.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family MZ2Q-C
    Magnetic cylinder sensors with two individually adjustable switching points
    • Can be used in all standard cylinders, linear slides, and grippers using the C-slot and – with the help of adapters – in round rod, tie-rod, and profile cylinders
    • Drop-in mounting from above simplifies handling and assembly
    • Easy adjustment of two switching points via teach-in pushbutton
    • LEDs for indicating the two switching points
    • Detection range up to 50 mm stroke
    Product family G6

    Beyond the standard

    Global sensor – the economic way to business class performance

    • PinPoint LED for a bright, precise light spot
    • Durable metal threaded inserts
    • SICK ASIC technology - the result of decades of experience in photoelectric sensors
    • Large, user-friendly potentiometer
    • Large, bright indicator LEDs
    • IP 67 enclosure rating
    Product family IQM
    Rectangular miniature sensors for use in industrial environments
    • Types: 8 mm x 16 mm x 4 mm or 10 mm x 30 mm x 6 mm
    • Extended sensing ranges: 1.5 mm to 3 mm
    • Electrical configuration: DC 3-wire
    • Enclosure rating: IP 67
    • Temperature range: –20 °C to +70 °C
    • Plastic housing
    • Flat, space-saving and light design
    Product family IQV
    Flat rectangular housings for use in industrial environments
    • Types: 20 mm x 32 mm x 8 mm or 25 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm
    • Extended sensing ranges: 5 mm to 7 mm
    • Electrical configuration: DC 3-/4-wire
    • Enclosure rating: IP 67
    • Temperature range: –25 °C to +70 °C
    • Metal housing, plastic sensing face
    • Flat housing made of robust metal
Sensor solutions for robotics
Robotics image
Sensor solutions for robotics
Robotics image

Working together as equals

Thanks to sensors from SICK, robots perceive more precisely. For all challenges in the field of robotics: Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling, and Position Feedback.
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