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Sensor solutions for all variants of mobile robots

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Robotics is on the move, whether it be in production, logistics or service. Mobile robots, in particular, are gathering pace in these areas. The variants range from AGVs, mobile cobots, right through to autonomously driving mobile robots. In short: The future belongs to autonomous mobile robots. This makes robotics more flexible overall and opens up completely new applications and business models. To enable mobile robots to move about safely and master their numerous challenges, you need intelligent sensor solutions.

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Working with SICK in a digital world

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Digitalization has made our personal lives easier. But how about in business? SICK offers its customers the greatest possible convenience with a whole host of digital tools in the B2B area. Find the right solution for your needs on our website thanks to the comprehensive selection options and configurators – and all the data are available 24/7 as well. Use our website to access information as well as pricing and availability, or to order your solution directly. Last but not least, we offer attractive online training courses – we are your partner no matter where you are.

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Production logistics get smart

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Production and intralogistics in harmony. Once considered two distinct disciplines, now these areas are growing closer and closer together thanks to advances in automation and digitalization. Making the material flow completely transparent, from the materials being delivered to delivering the finished product, is the goal here. The prerequisite for smart, networked production is finally always being able to know where everything is.

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Customizable and easily configured 2D and 3D machine vision solutions – driven by SICK AppSpace

Customizable and easily configured 2D and 3D machine vision solutions – driven by SICK AppSpace

Machine vision solutions make your manufacturing processes more efficient and competitive. But do they always meet your precise specifications? Now you can have customizable 2D and 3D vision sensors, tailored to your business.

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Creating Safe Productivity. Now.

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Achieving a high productivity for your machines and plants as well as a high level of flexibility and automation are decisive competitive advantages in the digitalization era. With SICK as your partner you can benefit from safety solutions that make your processes run smoothly, enable human and machine to work as a team, and allow us to jointly push the boundaries of what is achievable.

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Smart Fluid Power – SICK sensors for pneumatic and hydraulic systems make the difference


In many industries, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are also used in addition to the widespread servomotors. When it comes to drive systems, SICK is always right in the middle of things with its intelligent sensors. Fluid power sensors from SICK perform measurement tasks in pneumatic and hydraulic systems – intelligently, flexibly and reliably.

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Efficient solutions for conveyor belts

Conveyor solutions of SICK

A mountain of work! Many industries manage bulk materials non-stop. And often outside in all types of weather. SICK provides intelligent sensor solutions which enable customers to cope with this challenge.

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Logistics gets smart – greater efficiency in the entire supply chain


Companies are faced by a great challenge: acting as efficiently as possible. Material flows and intralogistics processes must be optimally coordinated with each other at all times. If there is a problem at one point, this impacts the entire value chain – and thus also competitiveness. Intelligent sensors and networked systems ensure efficient logistics processes as part of Industry 4.0. 

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Get to the heart of things with insider information from Smart Motor Sensors

Get to the heart of things with insider information from Smart Motor Sensors

Smart Motor Sensors turn their users into insiders. You could not get any closer to the action! With its Smart Motor Sensors, SICK provides information directly from the center of production. This is information about the status of machines and servomotors that helps to detect malfunctions earlier, solve them more quickly or to avoid them entirely. SICK has once again applied its entire knowledge base to allow customers this insight and to therefore facilitate predictive maintenance procedures. 

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Industry 4.0 is picking up speed: Sensor solutions for mobile platforms

Industry 4.0 is picking up speed: Sensor solutions for mobile vehicles and carts

Student and teacher of flexibility all in one: The modular solutions portfolio for mobile platforms now makes it possible to implement line guidance, navigation, positioning, environment perception, security and load handling with ease. From small AGVSs or AGCs (automated guided carts) to specialized AGVs (automated guided vehicles), the sensor solutions from SICK cover the entire spectrum of automated guided vehicles.

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Working together as equals: Sensor solutions for robotics

Working together as equals - sensor solutions for robotics

Humans and robots are working more closely together. SICK sensors help robots make more intelligent decisions, and give them the ability to sense objects, the environment, or their own position. Thanks to sensors from SICK, robots perceive more precisely - the prerequisite for close collaboration. For all challenges in the field of robotics: Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling, and Position Feedback.

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More than a vision: Solutions for identification

More than a vision – identification in three dimensions


RFID, laser-based bar code scanners, and image-based code readers: To provide genuinely efficient solutions for identification tasks, you need more than just one type of technology. With SICK you have the choice: For decades, SICK has been a pioneer in image and vision solutions, a market leader in industrial code reading, and an innovator of RFID technology. Whether used individually or combined in an application – SICK employs three technologies to provide reliable and efficient solutions to your identification tasks.

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From micron to mile – distance and LiDAR sensors in all dimensions.

Distance and LiDAR sensors From micron to mile. In all dimensions.

Mobility, infrastructure, logistics or production. Automation is forging ahead in all industries with no sign of stopping. And right at the forefront are distance sensors and detection and ranging solutions from SICK. As intelligent sources of data, they deliver precise information for nearly any application. Over any distance, in all environments. Equipped with highly developed technologies and diverse interfaces. 

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Seamless connectivity: Industrial communication and sensor integration

Seamlessly networked: industrial communication and sensor integration

Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments determine the industrial future. Sensor intelligence is required for the highly complex process of converting physical signals into sensor information. Intelligent sensor systems are already being used to support dynamic industry processes involving real-time optimization and self-organization.

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The highflier in object detection

The smart photoelectric sensors W16 and W26 love a challenge, so they really kick into gear when confronted with flashes, reflections and vibrations. Thanks to new technology, they particularly detect shiny, uneven, perforated and transparent objects more reliably than ever. They are not blown off course by unwanted light reflection. The highflier in object detection is not blinded by anything; it knows how things work.

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The baggage connection: Laser, camera and RFID technology for baggage tracking

The baggage connection - laser, camera and RFID technology for baggage tracking

End-to-end baggage tracking describes the huge challenge of baggage handling which airlines, airport operators and ground handlers have taken on. It must be possible to reliably track checked bags from the beginning to the end of airline travel. SICK has set the goal of implementing gapless baggage tracking hand-in-hand with customers in line with IATA Resolution 753.

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DRIVING YOUR INDUSTRY 4WARD: Sensor intelligence as the foundation of Industry 4.0

DRIVING YOUR INDUSTRY 4WARD – sensor intelligence as the foundation of Industry 4.0

DRIVING YOUR INDUSTRY 4WARD is the standard. The future is now. The fourth industrial revolution is defined as a data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics and is already in full swing. Worldwide. Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments are no longer a thing of the future.

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Measuring position and movement: Encoders and inclination sensors from SICK

Encoders and inclination sensors

Encoders and inclination sensors from SICK enable precise and effective speed measurement and position determination. They immediately turn received signals into data and transfer this data to a process controller or cloud. The product range extends from motor feedback systems for drive technology to encoders for mechanical engineering.

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Efficiency in motion: Automation becomes mobile

Fokus Mobile Application Thumbnail

The rapid pace of progress in electronics and sensor technology today is determining the level of innovation in mobile machines. The manufacturers and users of agricultural and forestry, construction and mining machines as well as special and municipal vehicles are harnessing the potential of intelligent sensors.

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Upgrading to the next level: Automation in the electronics industry

Automation in Electronics

The electronics industry is at the forefront of industrial progress. That is why it is facing many difficult market pressures in this early stage. Product life cycles are becoming ever shorter and the quality requirements ever higher, which currently poses extraordinary challenges to the industry.

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Flexible manufacturing: Flexibility and productivity working in harmony

Flexibility and Productivity Working in Harmony

Batch size 1 and individualized mass products are the key aims of Industry 4.0. To make this a reality, a machine or plant must be able to handle variable product infeeds and adapt to different formats. Sensors and actuators make such adaptations possible. Any product size and shape can be produced flexibly on one machine.

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Simply reliable, simply efficient: Setting our sights on added quality

Reliable sensors

In industrial environments, capturing reality safely and reliably requires much more than just a vision. That’s why SICK offers a broad spectrum of vision sensors, from compact devices that are easy to integrate, to configurable standalone solutions, right through to programmable high-speed cameras for the most demanding of requirements.

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Flexible in logistics: Individualization and productivity working in harmony


On the one hand, customers and business partners now expect us to provide a wide array of options and tailor our products and services to suit their individual needs. On the other hand, we are expected to improve transparency in areas such as logistics processes. Such demands have an impact on the entire value-added chain and seem to contradict everything that stands for efficiency and productivity.

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