Outdoor safety: moving beyond limits

Achieving a high level of productivity is a primary concern of our customers not only for indoor but also outdoor applications. The fields of application for outdoor automation are numerous and extend from monitoring hazardous areas outside right through to integrated logistics processes inside and outside buildings.

When sensors are used outdoors, the robustness of the hardware and intelligence of the software are decisive factors. With our safety solutions, we support you reliably and efficiently even in rain, snow, direct sunlight or fog – and we are certified to do so.

Even in the harshest environments, like open pit mining or the agricultural sector, we solve your challenge. This offers you a completely new potential for increasing productivity and opening up new applications.

Discover application examples for outdoor solutions

Teaser Success Story BASF

Autonomous intralogistics beyond the boundaries of production halls

Thanks to autonomous intralogistics indoors and outdoors, STÄUBLI and SICK enable BASF to provide a seamless logistics chain with a high level of safety and digital application support beyond the boundaries of production halls.

Autonomous intralogistics from indoors to outdoors: SICK and Stäubli WFT enable BASF to provide a seamless logistics chain

Weather-resistant robotic mower - Safe thanks to sensors from SICK

RoviMo® is the world’s first fully electric, CO2 emissions free, autonomous multi-purpose robot for large green spaces. The idea for an autonomous robot vehicle for maintaining sports fields, golf courses or parks came directly from speaking to real world professionals. Local municipalities, sports field construction companies, and green keeping teams have been searching for a solution for mowing large areas of grass precisely and using a time-saving pattern. SICK, with its expertise in outdoor safety, advised them during the project. Thanks to the integrated sensors from SICK, the RoviMo® can navigate grass areas with no risk of collisions, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

First robotic mower for large outdoor areas with intelligent sensor technology

Automated AGVR tractors safeguarded by safety laser scanner outdoorScan3 from SICK

 AGVR makes autonomous tractors safe for outdoor applications 

“At first there were no certified safety laser scanners for outdoor applications. […] When our contact person at SICK mentioned on one of his visits that SICK was working on safety laser scanners for outdoor applications, we immediately expressed our interest in it. And SICK kept its promise. This outdoor scanner does the job.”

Wim Luijendijk, Managing Director of Sales, AGVR, Netherlands

The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner monitors autonomous tractors at AGVR 


Outdoor intralogistics taken to a new level

BASF, SICK and renowned AGV system manufacturers are combining their interdisciplinary expertise to work on a concept for an autonomous and seamless logistics chain in outdoor areas. “We want to use an outdoor vehicle that can operate autonomously in challenging ambient conditions without human supervision.”

Marco Burkhart, Intralogistic Design, BASF SE, Germany

The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner is being stress-tested at BASF

Outstanding availability of automated guided vehicles even in harsh weather conditions

„For us, the outdoors has now become just like inside the factory building when it comes to safety technology." 
Mathias Magg, Software Development Team Leader, serva transport systems, Germany 

The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner operating at serva transport systems


Additional information on outdoor safety at SICK

The first of its kind – high availability even in unfavorable weather conditions:

outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner

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