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SICK LifeTime Services provide consulting and design from the start – to ensure clients benefit from efficient and cost saving solutions in line with the current legal regulations and requirements. SICK helps with the selection, design and commissioning of appropriate products, but also provides machine-specific analyses and design concepts. SICK also offers engineering services such as programming and functionality checks related to regulations, standards and specifications.

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Systematic risk reduction on machines and technical work equipment
  • Performance of or instruction for risk assessments
  • Determination of applicable directives and standards
  • Identification of hazards
  • Risk evaluation
  • Specification of safety requirements
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Functional safety that takes standards and directives into account
  • Specification of safety functions and required safety level (PLr or SILr)
  • Recommendation for technical implementation of safety functions in the form of a block diagram
  • Definition of parameters for the selection of protective devices
  • Safety concept specification
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Safety-related control circuit programming that conforms to standards
  • Specification of safety-related application software, including the definition of input and output signals
  • Creation and verification of safety-related application software according to the V-model for software development
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Achieving protection objectives with certainty
  • Creation of a verification and validation plan to thoroughly check for proper selection, installation, implementation and functioning of the safety-related parts of the control system (SRP/CS)
  • Configuration of safety-related parts of the control system
  • Analysis and testing according to the verification and validation plan
  • Specification of the necessary adjustment and, if necessary, revision of the safety-related application program
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Selection and interconnection of suitable safety components
  • Selection and interconnection of suitable components
  • Specification of measures for controlling and avoiding systematic errors
  • Determination and verification of the safety level
  • Hardware concept specification
  • Creation of a SISTEMA project file
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