Sensor Integration Machine

Flexible and intelligent sensor connection

Your Benefits

  • Low-cost combination of edge gateway functions and sensor data processing for access to the sensor level from the data level
  • IO-Link technology enables innovative sensor integration and data transparency
  • Easy development of customized data applications with graphical application modeling in SICK AppSpace
  • Rugged design concept with IP67 enclosure rating for industrial use


Flexible and intelligent sensor connection

The programmable Sensor Integration Machine SIM200, an edge gateway, enables the connection to the data level from the sensor level and access to the sensor level from the data level. In the edge, IO-Link signals, digital inputs and digital outputs are detected from several sensors, combined and processed into valuable information, for example for quality control or process analysis. The sensor data is transmitted to the data level via Ethernet. As part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system, the SIM200 can be programmed via SICK AppStudio.

At a glance
  • Programmable Sensor Integration Machine
  • 4 configurable IO-Link master ports for connecting IO-Link sensors and sensors with digital switching signals
  • Two Ethernet ports with a common IP address
  • Complex application tasks can be solved with the SICK Interface & Algorithm API
  • IP67 enclosure rating