Image-based code readers

Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.

Your Benefits

  • High-resolution sensor and intelligent processing ensure outstanding reading performance, even under difficult reading conditions
  • Flexible optical design and high-power illumination enable small codes to be read at high speeds or in applications with a large reading distance
  • Fast, straightforward commissioning thanks to the intuitive user interface; function button for rapid device setup; integrated illumination and aiming laser
  • Direct results monitoring thanks to acoustic signal and colored feedback spot on the object
  • Few machine downtimes in the event of faults on the production line, thanks to straightforward cloning function using microSD memory card


Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.

The Lector63x is a flexible image-based code reader. With its high image resolution, compact housing and exchangeable optical design it is well equipped for a variety of needs. It can easily be used for small codes, in high production speeds or for long-range identification. The Lector63x is easy to handle: quick optical exchange, intuitive user interface, aiming laser, beeper, LED feedback and MicroSD card – simplifying setup, operation and maintenance!

At a glance
  • Code reader with up to 2-megapixel sensor
  • Flexible optics and filter design
  • Integrated, replaceable high-power illumination
  • Intuitive user interface, with flexible result string with code analysis options
  • Function buttons, aiming laser, acoustic feedback signal, and green feedback LED
  • microSD memory card


4Dpro - The flexibility you need 

  • Standardized connectivity
  • Common user interface
  • Common set of accessories
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The Lector63x offers an optimum combination of performance and flexibility in a compact housing. It is ideal for applications which required high resolution, good scanning performance and high read ranges. The Lector63x detects small codes and codes on small objects with ease.
Identification of molds using the Asset Monitoring System
Automated box identification with image-based code readers
Traceability of products in the production process

A powerful shared platform facilitates work

Acoustic and optical feedback. Immediate read feedback in all environments thanks to the green LED and acoustic signal.
Slot for microSD memory card. Parameter cloning and storage of images.
SOPAS interface, a comprehensive configuration and monitoring tool which makes possible a clear view of the read process.

Easy set-up, easy operation, easy exchange. All image-based code readers from the Lector® series are equipped with countless functions which maximum performance and reliability and make easy operation possible at the same time.

The Lector63x is the optimal all-round code reader with flexible optics and filter design. This modular optical concept allows for application-specific configuration.