Four Dimensions of Smart Sensor Technology: Smart Tasks


Smart Tasks enable data to be processed directly in the sensor. This leads to faster data transmission, leaner structures and cost benefits for your process.


In these times of “big data”, it is important not to lose sight of the big picture. For that reason, Smart Tasks processes the diverse sensor signals for detection and measurement, linking them to signals from an external sensor if necessary. Only the process information that is actually necessary is generated – in line with the task configured in the system. This saves time during data evaluation in the control, accelerates machine processes, and makes high-performance, cost-intensive additional hardware unnecessary.


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Examples of Smart Tasks: added value for your application

Speed and length measurement

  • Determining object speed independent of slippage for more accurate measurement results
  • Easy sorting and classification of detection objects based on the object length – independent of conveyor speed
  • High flexibility when determining the measuring point
  • No corruption of measurement results due to controller cycle times

Integrated speed and length measurement for lumber mill applications

Object and gap monitor

  • Monitoring of object lengths and distances for faster capture of nonconforming conditions
  • Simply processed signals for layered control level or for direct and fast removal of defective product
  • No corruption of measurement results due to controller cycle times

Integrated object and gap measurement when feeding products

Placemement analysis

  • Direct capture of the equipment, for example, of a workpiece carrier moving past, by assessing the signal pattern directly in the Smart Sensor to provide quality monitoring or process control
  • Reliably capture the equipment during the running process – also with different travel speeds
  • Cost effective and low complexity

Integrated placement analysis

Counter and debouncing

  • Easy and fast completeness check at the same time as interference suppression
  • Accurate measurements: no “swallowing” of individual, very rapid counter pulses due to controller cycle times

Integrated label counting for timely coil changeovers

Combining personal protection with automation

  • With muting enabled, height values for use by downstream automated processes an be transferred via the IO-Link interface
  • Counting of objects moving through the safety light curtain

Combines safety and automation: IO-Link enables cost-effective machine design

Smart Tasks:

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