Safe Motion: Non-stop safe processes

A worker setting up a machine tool.
A worker setting up a machine tool.

Safe movements are the foundation of maximum machine availability

Safe Motion is what we call the safe monitoring and control of machine movements. It reduces downtime and optimizes your machine set-up times.

Dynamic safety enables a high level of productivity and efficient production. In the process, Safe Motion safety functions automatically adjust the machine movement to changing protective fields. Improved usability and the best possible access to processes in stationary systems really pay off in this case. As does the increased flexibility in machine construction as physical guards are not needed for mobile applications.

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Safe mobile applications on the move

Maximum mobility is a prerequisite for the effective and flexible use of automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems). Thanks to situational adjustment of the speed, Safe Motion makes it possible for your AGV systems to stay moving, not stand still. Optimal arrangement of the travel movement not only leads to higher productivity and therefore ideal deployment of your AGV system fleet, but also ensures their safe use – without any physical guards.


Safe drive monitoring for increasing AGV system performance

To make sure an AGV system is and stays mobile, the Safe Motion solutions from SICK monitor the speed and direction of travel. The protective fields adjust to the situation so your AGV system only stops when absolutely necessary.

Solutions for the safe monitoring of automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems)


Motion monitoring via HIPERFACE® motor feedback systems

Motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® interface are used for quick and precise transmission of signals from the motor to the servo controller. Combined with safety controllers, they determine the speed and direction of travel, thereby making an active contribution to efficient production processes.

Motion monitoring solutions via HIPERFACE® at a glance

Optimized set-up and maintenance processes for stationary applications

Safe Motion from SICK continuously and reliably monitors machine parameters such as the speed and position of motors, making dangerous machine movements safe. Safely monitored axes and safe operating modes enable necessary interruptions such as the changing of tools or machine set-up, even during ongoing processes. This ensures high availability and efficient procedures – and operator safety at the same time. Should it still be necessary to stop a machine due to a fault, for example, Safe Motion functions make sure that the process starts back up without delay.



Optimal movement processes in machine tools

Frequent tool changes in machine tools can be quick and efficient with the help of Safe Motion functions. The tool can be changed without having to completely switch off the machine. Then the production process restarts right away.

Solutions for the safe monitoring of machine tools


Efficient set-up of cutting rollers

Protect your employees and take advantage of cost-effective processes at the same time! Safe Motion functions ensure minimal set-up times, even with the largest cutting rollers, thanks to the safe and reliable monitoring function.

Solutions for the efficient set-up of cutting rollers at a glance

The right safety concept for any drivetrain

Different requirements necessitate variable solutions. Depending on the automation architecture, either an external or an integrated safety concept is needed. Take advantage of the extensive knowledge of the SICK safety experts when creating your individual solution. Whether you need to implement simple or complex safety concepts, you are at the right place with SICK.

Example depiction of the drivetrain and safety architecture of a stationary application with the safely-limited speed (SLS) and safe direction (SDI) drive safety functions.

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Safe Motion tasks

In Safe Motion applications, various tasks are done by different components. SICK has the right products for each of these tasks. Combined with the associated services, these leave nothing to be desired.


  • Measure: Safety encoders and safe motor feedback systems for position, angle and speed monitoring 
  • Monitor: Motion monitoring modules for the reliable monitoring of machine movements as well as the execution of drive safety functions 
  • Control: A safety controller interprets the incoming signals of the sensors used and controls the respective safety function if necessary


Your Safe Motion solutions from a single source

There are many ways to solve your individual Safe Motion requirements.

Let our Safety experts consult you. Contact us and take advantage of the benefits of turnkey safety solutions: Turnkey safety solutions from SICK. 

In addition to individualized and customized consultation, you can also put your solution together yourself. Select individual components from our extensive safety portfolio whose functions are perfectly matched to one another. SICK also offers pre-assembled safety systems for mobile and stationary applications.