Safety laser scanners

Your Benefits

  • Very high machine availability and productivity thanks to the patented safeHDDM® scanning technology
  • Flexibility for safe automation processes due to simultaneous protective fields, contour detection fields and detailed data output
  • Safe integration into different control systems via EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™, PROFINET PROFIsafe, EtherCAT® FSoE, I/O etc.
  • Saves time during commissioning and diagnostics thanks to the intuitive Safety Designer software, multi-color display and system plug


The microScan3 safety laser scanner stands for the protection of very different applications: from stationary to mobile, from simple to complex. The innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology makes the microScan3 extremely resistant, even to dust and ambient light, and delivers high-precision measurement data. It increases the productivity and availability of machines. The different variants of the microScan3 can be integrated simply and safely into countless networks. In addition, the safety laser scanner offers standardized connectivity for time-saving commissioning. The microScan3, the easy handling of its Safety Designer configuration software and its diagnostic options combine user-friendly operation, innovation and very high performance.

At a glance
  • Innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology
  • High-precision measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Protective field range: up to 9 m, scanning angle: 275°
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields and up to 8 simultaneous protective fields
  • Standardized communication interfaces
  • System plug with configuration memory


Innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology

The innovative safeHDDM® scanning technology sets new standards for safety laser scanners. By combining a compact design and a wide scanning range, it ensures that the microScan3 retains its field of view even in challenging ambient conditions.

safeHDDM® is based on SICK's proven HDDM process (HDDM = high definition distance measurement). The safeHDDM® scanning technology sets a new benchmark in the analysis of time-of-flight measurement. The process patented by SICK delivers unrivaled measurement results for safety laser scanners by filtering and analyzing numerous single pulses. In this way, safeHDDM® enables a very high level of resistance to ambient light and dust. And the most important part: safeHDDM® ensures safety throughout. Even an object with a remission of just 1.8%, for example black clothing, can be recognized safely by the laser scanner.

How it works

microScan3 – reliable distance measurement based on the principle of time-of-flight measurement With time-of-flight measurement, the sensor emits a pulse beam that hits the target object and then is reflected back. The time that the beam takes to make this journey is evaluated and the distance to the object calculated. microScan3 has a scan cycle of just 30 milliseconds. Thousands of single pulses can be filtered per scan cycle. These single pulses are used by the microScan3 to calculate 715 safe measured values.
275°? 275°! – without a single safety blind spot A significant advantage of a modern laser scanner is that it can be mounted in a corner, enabling the monitoring of two sides of a machine. A scanning angle of 270° is theoretically enough to cover this. Yet SICK goes one step further: The microScan3 is the first safety laser scanner to reach 275°. Without this extra 5°, inaccurate mounting of the laser scanner can easily lead to a safety blind spot of almost half a meter. The microScan3 makes this problem a thing of the past.

Exceptionally reliable

See how rugged the microScan3 is in use.
The microScan3 is highly practical as it is not affected by additional laser scanners or other infrared sources.
The microScan3 is resistant to dirt, dust and ambient light.

The microScan3 is significantly more reliable than standard measurement techniques thanks to the safeHDDM® scanning technology, thus increasing your productivity.

Rugged design

20 years of experience with safety laser scanners in harsh industrial day-to-day work has been incorporated into the development of the microScan3. It has a high load capability and is characterized by its durability.

Excellent durability and productivity

The compact light metal die-cast housing of the microScan3 impresses in harsh industrial day-to-day work too.
The vibration-resistant mounting systems of the microScan3 enable easy fixing.
Electromagnetic compatibility as standard: electronic components of the microScan3.

The microScan3 has been developed with demanding and harsh industrial applications in mind down to the last detail. It is the perfect combination of safety and productivity.

Smart connectivity

Reliable integration of the microScan3 via a network or I/Os – quickly and easily. Secure communication, convenient configuration, and diagnosis either remotely via laptop or centrally within the network. The microScan3 uses standardized plug connectors and is easy to replace, thereby saving time and keeping costs low.

Low cabling costs and fast device replacement with plug and play

First safety laser scanner with EtherCAT® FSoE or EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™.
The Mini-USB interface enables the microScan3 to be configured and diagnosed quickly using a laptop.
Flexible and fast installation thanks to the removable system plug with integrated configuration memory on the rear or bottom of the device.

The microScan3 facilitates machine integration and device replacement through standardized interfaces and integrated configuration memory, thereby saving you time and money.

Intuitive operation

Intuitive configuration and convenient commissioning using the Safety Designer software. The multi-colored display clearly indicates the operational status of the laser scanner. These details and additional information, e.g., on the checksum or an interruption in the protective field, can be easily accessed at the touch of a button and are displayed in cleartext.

Straightforward commissioning and intuitive operation

The LEDs and the multi-colored display of the microScan3 are clearly visible.

Important diagnostic data can be viewed via the pushbuttons and display.

The configuration and diagnosis software Safety Designer is easy to use.
Fast analysis of past interruptions thanks to event history. Information about the point in time and place of interruptions is saved.

The microScan3 is intuitive to use. After the Safety Designer software has been configured, you can carry out device diagnosis during operation using the display and pushbuttons.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationIndoor area
    Protective field range4 m / 5.5 m / 9 m
    Warning field range40 m / 64 m
    Scanning angle275°
    Number of fields8 / 4 / 128
    Number of monitoring cases1 ... 128
    Response time

    ≥ 70 ms

    ≥ 90 ms

    ≥ 95 ms

    ≥ 115 ms

    OSSD pairs1 / 0
    Integration in the control system

    Local inputs and outputs (I/O)

    CIP Safety™ over EtherNet/IP™



    EtherCAT® FSoE

    Performance levelPL d (EN ISO 13849)
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product