Hazardous area protection during AGV docking with the Safe Portal safety system

When docking AGVs at a machine, the Safe Portal safety system protects the hazardous point. Humans are differentiated from materials by a safety laser scanner in combination with clever logic. The Safe Portal system is based on one or several safety laser scanners, e.g. the microScan3, and can be implemented with the FlexiSoft safety controller, but also with third-party controllers, e.g. SIEMENS or Allen-Bradley devices. Through intelligent protective field programming, the safety laser scanner detects predefined objects and lets them pass. The external muting sensors are no longer required - the system thus combines maximum availability with a particularly small footprint, ensuring maximum safety thanks to the permanently active protective fields.

  • Following product families can be used
    Reliable and productive solution for human-material differentiation
    • TÜV-certified system with permanent protective field monitoring and PL d
    • Detection of objects through intelligent protective field evaluation
    • Function block for integration into Siemens S7 controls
    • Only 2 safety laser scanners with vertical alignment of the protective fields required

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